The Announcements

I had always imagined the best part about being pregnant would be announcing it to everybody. All the cute cards and t-shirts and videos we see all over Facebook, so many ideas, why wouldn’t you do it that way? Yeah, I blew my chances with this baby. Even though I had always said I would do it in a creative way, this pregnancy threw me for a loop and I needed all the support I could get, as quickly as I could get it.

Since I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and I had heard horror stories of people finding out they’re going to be grandmas from the grocery store cashier, this was another fear I had. The second I told a few of my family members, I was sure that my boyfriend’s family would hear it from someone else before I got the chance to. I had told them to be quiet about it, but this was big news, I would have trouble keeping my mouth shut too! So not only was I panicking that his family was going to disown us, but it was also a race against the clock, or should I say, against small town gossipers. There went all thoughts of happy, cute, little tear-inducing pregnancy announcements, but I have already warned everyone, wait until the next baby! I will have time to plan that one.


I do regret the way we just blurted it out to some of the people we are close with as it didn’t trigger the responses we were hoping for. Some had very nonchalant reactions like we were telling them what we had for lunch yesterday. I tried telling myself it’s because it was expected, we are getting to the appropriate baby-making ages. Whereas some were downright horrible and I was glad I wasn’t there. My boyfriend and I agreed that I didn’t have to be with him when he told some of his family members as we knew they wouldn’t be happy since they are very old school Italian and we aren’t married. We made the right decision. Another scenario in the announcement process I was not expecting was that there were more people than I imagined that just don’t bother saying a word of congratulations. They’ll talk about it yes, but that’s it. This was something that I thought everybody said when they heard someone was having a baby, whether they heard it from you yourself, or whether it was an accident or not.

You would think I would be used to getting thrown for loops by now! It was a hard couple weeks thrown in with my nausea and already horrible mood, but I must admit, I was proud of the Facebook announcement we made. Since we waited until the ultrasound for this, and we were done telling everyone that “needed” to be told, I was feeling more confident and proud of my little bean. It may of took some convincing, as my boyfriend is a lot more private than I am, but I was excited to tell those people we hadn’t spoken to in a long time and wouldn’t know otherwise. Even though I was happy with this announcement, there was still some people that disappointed me with just a “like” and no comments or messages after. But what can I say, there have been more let downs since then and I’m sure more to come once the baby is born, so I shouldn’t let it get to my overly sensitive heart right now.


Did anyone else have bad reactions to their pregnancy announcements? How did you announce yours? 



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