Sephora Collection Lip Mask Review

I’ve been wanting to try this lip mask for a while now and finally decided to buy it and test it out. I’m going to to this post in two stages: the pre mask stage and the post mask stage because it apparently takes 15 minutes for it to do its thing.

Pre Mask 

Okay, so I’m not expecting amazing results because it only has 3 stars on Sephora, but the lip mask I actually wanted was sold out. I’m hoping that this will be a pleasant surprise and it’ll work amazingly. However, if it doesn’t I won’t be totally crushed because it was only $4.00 CAD, so it’s fine. I also hope that if it does work that the moisturizing and softening effects last until Thursday night because I’ve got a first date. I feel like it’s going to go well, so I would prefer to have soft kissable lips just in case 🙂 Which is what Sephora claims will happen by using this mask “Moisturizes and softens for more kissable lips.” We will see. I’ll be sure to update after Thursday to let you guys know if they were still soft by Thursday night (and maybe if the date was a yay or nay). Alright time to take this sucker off!

Post Mask

So I’m not sure if it was just me but I had the hardest time trying to figure out the correct way to put this thing on. The protective film that you’re supposed to peel off both sides of the mask is actually material, so I really wouldn’t classify it as a ‘film’. This is what you have to peel off of both sides of the mask:


And the mask is in between these two layers. The application of the mask is easy just make sure you do it when you have some down time. I can imagine it would be hard to talk with it on. I went a little over the 15 minutes I think I left it on for 20-30 minutes just because it felt very soothing on my lips. This is what the mask should look like on your lips:


So I peeled the mask off and then rubbed the leftover liquid into my lips as the directions instructed me to. And my lips feel very soft for sure. It’s hard to give a full review because I’m not sure how long the effects are going to last. If my lips do stay moisturized and soft for a while then I would definitely consider repurchasing, but if the effects only last a few hours then I won’t repurchase and I’ll try another brand next time.  I will post an update to this post on Friday with the results!


Have you ever tried a lip mask before? What brand do you use?





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