Balea Face Masks

These two face masks are in my project pan for the month and sadly they are done! I may have scared my dog when I had it on but that was the only downside of these masks!

I couldn’t tell you where I got them from but I did look them up for future reference because I plan on getting them again in the future but I can’t seem to figure out where they came from so the hunt is on! I checked online but I think I’ll have to actually look in stores to find out for sure. Apparently Shoppers Drug Mart carries them which is the equivalent of Pharmaprix so I will check there when I finish up some other ones I have.

The scent of these are perfect. You can smell them but it isn’t an over whelming and gross smell which is nice. The cucumber & melon one was my favourite though because I’m not the biggest fan of coconut but even the coconut one wasn’t that bad.

I felt like the purifying mask did more for my skin compared to the moisturizing one. Both did leave my skin feeling incredibly soft and they didn’t cause any sort of breaking out either. The purifying one left me feeling much more refreshed though. Overall I would definitely recommend giving these masks a try!

Have you guys ever tried these? Where do you get them from?



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