April Project Pan

I was on a no buy from March first until April 19th, I had to get some things during Sephora’s spring sale! I’ll show you my haul next month because it hasn’t even shipped yet. Hopefully I’ll finish a few more things before my new stuff gets in!


I hope to finish the above products this month, which shouldn’t be hard. Also the two lip products below, the rolled over mascara, eyeshadow, and lotion. I honestly just want to hit pan on one or two of the colours at this point!

I have been doing all of my school finals this month so I haven’t been wearing makeup much. There has barely been any change in the eyeshadow palette, no surprise there since like I said, no time! On the bright side though… I FINISHED the lipstick!! So excited! I’ve never actually finished one before.

These are the next two lip products I plan on using. Annabelle Le Gloss stick in berry bite and the Pur Pout Pen. There really isn’t much left on the balm side of the pen but I have no way of knowing how much there is on the stain end until it starts to dry up. I think i can finish them because I did get a weeks head start on the Annabelle one.

Lip products

I’m pretty pleased with my nail polish progress, even though there has only been progress for two out of the five. I’m pretty confident that the blue will be done this month for sure, maybe the dark purple too but we will see. I’m not going to add another colour until I finish those two.

Nail update 1

The Tarte mascara is still going strong so I’m going to keep using that with my Avon palette. The Bath and Body Works lotion is being rolled over to next moth too. I started to put some in my lush sample container so I can bring it with me to use as a hand cream while I’m out! Hopefully that will help move things along nicely.

Berry Flirt update 1

Here are my empties, pretty pleased to have some stuff out of my collection even if they are small things!

Things I would not buy:

  • Color whisper lipstick
  • Maple street shower gel
    • I already have a couple more in different scents
  • Lush ‘Dirty’ Shower gel
  • Candy perfume
    • The smell is SO strong! One spray was too much.
  • The mini shampoos/conditioner
  • Random pink candle

Things I would buy:

  • Lush ‘Sex Appeal’ soap bar
    • Amazing! Made my skin super soft!

Any tips on how to move through an eyeshadow faster? I’ll post reviews on the products as I use them! Last months have all been reviewed in case you want to know more about any of them.



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