Beautyblender Blendercleanser Solid Review


Don’t judge my Beautyblender, but it looks like it’s been through hell. And I don’t mean in the sense that it’s almost completely discoloured from my foundation. I swear I think my nails jab little tears in it. Anyways warning it will look like crap in the before and after photos down below, but that’s from me and not from using the cleanser on it.

So I got this cleanser for my Beautyblender and brushes back in December, and really I should use it more because it works amazingly. Ideally I really should be cleaning everything probably weekly, but it’s not exactly something that crosses my mind all that much. I know when it’s time to clean my blender when after applying my liquid foundation I have foundation all over my fingers from pinching the Beautyblender. That night is when I swirl my blender around that circular bar of soap a few times and rinse it out under the water.

The directions say to wet your Beautyblender and rub it around the bar of soap creating a lather. Then using the silicone pad you bounce (do not scrub or rub) your blender off of it as much as needed and then rinse. I actually skip bouncing my blender off of the pad just because I find rinsing it after the lather does a good enough job. I do however repeat this process a few times. For my brushes I just wet the soap and then wet my brushes and swirl them around the bar of soap, and then rinse and repeat until they’re clean. In comparison to liquid soap I find the solid cleanser to be very effective as after cleaning my blender the pink colour is a lot more prominent again.

I also really like it because it’s travel friendly. It’s tiny and lightweight enough that I can take it with me when travelling, so I can clean my blender and brushes wherever I am if need be. Although I don’t think I’ll be running out of it anytime soon I will repurchase it once I’m done.

As promised here are the before and after pictures:


What do you use to clean your blenders and/or brushes? Anybody else’s blender look as ratty as mine?





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