Bootea Chocolate Shake Review


I am really not a breakfast person. If I have to be up early to go somewhere chances are I’m not having breakfast. At work/school my breakfast consists of a cup of tea and a cup of yoghurt. That is until I discovered the Bootea shake.

Bootea is a company based in the UK that is known for their detox tea, but they also have a lot of other products too (their protein brownie looks delicious!). I got The Bootea Bundle a while ago, which consists of the detox tea, protein oatmeal, multi vitamins, the protein shake (there are different flavours), and the shaker cup. It isn’t the cheapest, so I decided to wait to purchase until they were having a discount day, which they tend to have on every big holiday. Now their detox tea did not agree with my stomach, but the chocolate shake is awesome!

They say you just need water, but I use soy milk and add other stuff to it. And this concoction has slowly become my breakfast whenever I know I’ll be running out the door without eating anything. It’s protein filled, so I do find that I stay full until about lunch time.


My recipe:

1 scoop of the protein powder

2 cups of soy milk (less depending how thick you want it)

a handful of frozen strawberries

a frozen banana

2-3 ice cubes


So depending how many strawberries you put depends on the colour. I like the strawberry chocolate taste, so I tend to put a lot of strawberries. It’s really good and I highly recommend.

Do you use protein powder? What kind do you use?



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