Sunday Riley Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner Review


Happy St. Patty’s Day to all of our lovely readers! I figured this product was perfect given the day. The gel is a nice pastel green colour. Very soothing.

I’ve actually had this product a while. It was my first Sunday Riley product and it’s what got me hooked on the brand. See, when I find a brand I like I tend to test different products from the same brand because I now trust them. Sunday Riley’s water cream, which I reviewed in a previous post (and yes I bought the large version this time!), is amazing and this gel toner does not disappoint either.

So again surprise surprise this is one of my anti-oily skin products. I don’t use it all the time now that I’m using the SR water cream, but in the fall up to about December it was part of my daily makeup routine and I would apply it before applying my foundation. The description states that it’s formulated to target oily and acne prone skin. Once applied to the skin it clarifies, removes oil, and tightens pores for clear and matte skin. Originally I was using this to act as a moisturizer too because I found that creams were making me oily, but then winter hit and my skin needed a much stronger form of moisture.

When I was using it regularly I found that it kept me fairly matte, but by the end of the day I would have some oily spots. I can’t really talk about if it tightens pores because honestly I can never tell if a product does do that to my pores, and that’s with any product that claims to do it. I just honestly can’t tell what to look for and never see a difference. But anyways the toner has a nice, but very hard to describe scent. I would honestly say go smell it in stores, as I was reading some comments online that some people just couldn’t handle the scent because they found it too strong. I don’t find it that bad. It’s a weird smell for sure, but it’s not awful. I would also recommend if you’re interested in buying it that you get a sample of it first. That’s what I did and a week later I ended up buying it ($69 CAD, $55 USD). It’s also great because they actually give you a lot. It’s not a tiny little bottle where they charge you crazy prices. For the amount you get I find the price quite reasonable.

As much as I liked using it when I first got it I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing it when it runs out at least for a while. Now that I found a cream that works better for me I don’t use the toner that much, but it’s definitely still a great product. Maybe I’ll start using it again  once summer hits.

Does the crazy green martian looking gel turn you off from using this product? Do you have any primer/toner suggestions?




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