March Project Pan

So first I want to say thank you to you guys! I wasn’t sure how a Project Pan page would do and I am so happy you guys have liked it. It has definitely been motivating me to carry on with this!

I totally underestimated how long it takes to finish stuff! I am so surprised at how long these products have lasted and I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t finish everything but I am pleased that most things are gone and that I know a little more about what I am doing this time around.

First up, my samples! I finished all four of them which is awesome. I got to try new things and I have already reviewed some of them so you guys can check those posts out too if you’re wondering if I liked them or not. The ones I haven’t reviewed yet are coming, I promise!

I’m also counting my mascara as done! Not much is coming out when I use it so it’s taking me so many layers to make it look like I’m even wearing any so to me, it is finished. In the garbage it goes!

I also finished my Pink Warm and Cozy spray! The tiny amount lasted way longer than I thought would but at least I finally finished it so I can move on to the next. I love the scent, kind of smells like cotton candy, and I even have the body wash for it too. I plan on repurchasing it when I finish off some of my other perfumes.


Also as a bonus I managed to finish off a Victoria’s Secret shower gel which is awesome! I thought it would have lasted longer but I’m glad it’s done. I LOVE the scent of it, Pure Seduction, but I have a few more that I want to finish before replacing it.

The eyeshadow and lipstick are basically never ending! I reapply my lipstick multiple times throughout the day but it is just not ending. I plan on rolling them over into this month in hopes that I keep making progress on them. There is a slight dip in the pink shade but nothing too noticeable in the image.

eyeshadow progress

I checked out a bunch of panning projects people have going on Instagram and I learned so much that I think will help with this next round of panning. I found out how to keep track of my lipstick length which can be used for liners too. I have marked the product, date and length of the lipstick so I can see progress and stay motivated.

So here is some progress on the lipstick:


These are my additional items to finish off with my two roll-overs:

  • Maple Street Cherry body wash
  • Lush Dirty shower gel sample
  • Lush Sex Appeal soap sample
  • Philosophy Moisturizer, renewed hope in a jar sample
  • Kiss Perfume sample
  • Single pink candle
  • Tarte mini mascara (probably won’t finish but at least use it all month)
  • Bath and Body Works’ Berry Flirt Lotion (not going to finish but at least make progress)
  • VS scent Secret Escape (to use after sample)

I don’t know if you guys follow us on Instagram but I also started a project pan for my nail polishes. I chose five nail polishes (so I’m not stuck with the same colour all the time) and marked where they are at, though you can’t see it in the picture (that I also posted on Instagram) the two dark ones are about half full. This will take me quite a while to do as I don’t get to do my nails very often but I will hopefully finish some over the next few months.


Any tips you guys have on panning products? Is once a month enough or do you guys want a mini update in between the posts?




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