Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick Review

I’ve been using this Maybelline Color Whisper lipstick in Pink Possibilities for a little bit now and it’s a good lipstick I suppose. I’ve been trying to finish it off as one of my Project Pans as I have had it for some time now and it just never ends!


The colour is extremely deceiving though, in the picture and in person it looks like it is a hot pink but once you actually put it on it is way softer.  The more you apply the more vibrant it becomes but I like to leave it on the softer side of things because it feels too heavy otherwise.


This isn’t my favourite lipstick in the world but it isn’t bad, it’s just alright. There is nothing outstanding about it and I have plenty of others that I would rather wear. It goes on smoothly and it is soft. This is far from long lasting though, I feel like I am constantly reapplying it and that’s pretty annoying. It doesn’t fade awkwardly or anything like that at least. There is a slight glossy look to it though so it almost looks like it could be a tinted lip gloss but without the stickiness that often comes along with that.

I bought this at a makeup warehouse sale so I got it for pretty cheap but I wouldn’t buy this one again.

Has anyone tried this lipstick line before? Do they even make these anymore?



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