IGK Mistress Hair Balm Review

This is basically a leave in conditioner, which I have never actually used before. I’ve always been worried that it would leave my hair feeling greasy or something. I got this as a sample and I’m using it in my Project Pan (you can read more about that on the Project Pan page) so it was time to test it out and get it out of my samples pile.

This was the amount that I used to try it out:


It seems like a little goes a long way with this so I actually got two uses from this packet, not bad! My hair felt fine after trying this but I didn’t notice any differences. My hair wasn’t softer, it wasn’t easier to manage and this just wasn’t life changing for me. It did smell really nice though! I have to give it that much at least.

Would I buy the full sized version? No I can’t say that I would, I don’t see the need to keep using this product. Would I get it as a free sample and use it again like that? Well I wouldn’t say no to that. I like it but I wouldn’t go out and buy it for myself.

I looked into it and it is cruelty free which is always important to know. The full size product from Sephora is $27 USD and $32 CAD. I just don’t see myself buying this but I am glad that I got to try it out!

Are there any other leave in conditioners that you guys would recommend? What did you think about this one?



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