The Couple Next Door Book Review

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena has gotten many great reviews. I got this book as a gift but I would definitely pay money for this.


My honest reaction to this book: “WHAT?!” for most of it and then “oh as if… what? WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!” to the ending. This is a MUST read book. I loved it and I literally did not put this book down. I had a weird schedule the other day that left me with a total of four hours with nothing to do so I used that time to read this book. I always have one with me because let’s be honest, you never know when you’ll have time to read!

The book is about a wonderful couple, Marco and Anne. They have an adorable 6-month old baby girl. He owns his own company and she worked in an art gallery but is currently off with the baby. Now while they seem perfect on the outside they are far from it on the inside. Their daughter is kidnapped and secrets are revealed, and boy are they huge! The loving parents were at a dinner party just next door while their daughter went missing.

The story unfolds about who they truly are, and really, how well do you know your neighbours? Not just that but how well do you really know anyone in your life? The suspense and secrets last for the whole novel.

Let me know if anyone else read this yet! Am I the only one that seriously freaked at that ending though?!



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