Boscia Luminizing Black Mask Review


I have been wanting to try Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask for a while now, and I finally got the chance. I was in Sephora last weekend picking up a bottle of my new favourite Boscia White Charcoal setting spray (I did repurchase it like I said I would)  when a sales associate came by and asked if I needed any help with anything. Normally I just say no thank you, but I decided to ask if she had tried the mask. We ended up talking about our love of Boscia products, and she gave me two samples of the mask to try out.

Now, before I go any further with this review the sales associate told me something that I definitely think is worth sharing. You know that black mask video that keeps popping up on social media? The one where after peeling it off the camera zooms in to the person’s face gunk. Well that one and this one by Boscia are not the same. Boscia’s does not get rid of blackheads nor does it advertise to do so. It’s purpose is to minimize pores and clarify your skin. Apparently people are buying Boscia’s mask and then are getting upset because it’s not providing the effect they thought they were going to get. So anyways I just thought I would warn you all.

So a word of caution even though this mask is so goopy and thick (see picture above) you really have to apply the exact amount and it has to be even all over your face. If it’s too thin it’s going to be coming off in strips, but if it’s too thick then it’s never going to dry. I decided to apply with my finger tip, but for my second sample I might use a brush to apply it. For the most part it was an easy application  besides being super messy. The only annoying thing was that it has a very strong scent and it kind of made my eyes water as I was putting it on.

30 minutes later…

I’ve just taken it off and my face feels pretty clean right now. I have to say that the peeling off process is so satisfying! So I have another sample of this product, and I think once I use that one I will eventually buy this one. I think for what it says it’s supposed to do it does a pretty good job. I would say that it’s worth the $45 CAD because you are only supposed to use it 1-2 times a week, so it’s not like you’re going to go through it that fast as a little goes a long way. Overall, I would recommend trying it. Go do what I did and get a sample from Sephora before purchasing the actual product.

Have you tried this? What did you think? What are your favourite Boscia products?



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