Boscia Thermal Black Cleanser Review


So if you haven’t noticed already I’m kind of obsessed with my oily skin. And by obsessed I mean I’m always obsessively trying to get rid of it because it’s a pain in the butt. It looks like my makeup is melting off, and so I’m sure if you read the blog regularly you’ll notice that I’m pretty much always posting about products that control oil. Well, this post is no different except in the sense that it is a cleanser so I’m not expecting to be shine free after using it, but combined with my other oil control products it’s heavenly.

I’ve recently discovered Boscia, and I can honestly say that I love it. I’m sure you guys can tell that I love it too since my last post was about the white charcoal setting spray. I will be definitely be purchasing more products from them! The next purchase will probably be the black peel off mask, as I’m really curious about that.

But anyways, I got this as a sample back around Christmas time, and I finally tried it in the new year when my face felt awful from so many days in a row of wearing a lot of makeup. My pores were seriously clogged and were in desperate need of a detox.
So I read the directions on theback, which said to wet my face and then pump some onto my hand and rub onto my face to create a lather. So I did that and the first thing I noticed was definitely the thermal part of the cleanser. As soon as it touches your skin it goes warm. I have to say it’s the oddest sensation ever, yet strangely calming so definitely not a bad thing. And when you pump it into your hand it’s a thick black liquid, but as soon as it touches your skin it thins out, which makes it easier to lather. Also as  you’re rubbing it into your skin the colour of the lather lightens to a grey. Although I will mention make sure to use a dark coloured facecloth to take it off otherwise light coloured ones will probably get stained. So I leave the lather on for a few seconds before finally washing it off with a facecloth.
After using it my face feels cleaner and fresher. The bottle says that it dissolves makeup as well, but I tend to take off my makeup with actual makeup remover first just because you can’t put this stuff on your eyes and I like to take off my eye makeup at the same time. But overall I would definitely recommend, and it must be pretty popular because it’s currently sold out online at Sephora.

Do you use Boscia products? What’s your experience with them? What other cleansing skin care products do you use and suggest?



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