Lush Roots Hair Mask Review

Give your hair and your scalp a little love this winter with the Roots hair mask from Lush. I got this from a Lush store in Montreal, Quebec so the tub is using the French name for it, C’est La Base but in English it is called Roots.

I tried this out as a sample just to see what it was all about and after using it for the first time I actually went back to the store to get myself a full size container of it. You put it on your roots, though I like to work it down a little further to cover a bit more of my hair, and you leave it in for 20-30 minutes. Rinse it out and then wash your hair as usual. As you rinse it, it will spread to the rest of your hair so you don’t have to worry about covering all of it.

This leaves my hair feeling really soft and smelling a little minty which is nice. It helps with dry scalps, promotes hair growth, and helps with hair shedding. The minty aspect of it helps stimulate your scalp. I noticed that my head does start to feel a little warm and tingly as I use the mask. I’ve had my tub for a few months now as I only use it once every two weeks or so. I have noticed that I don’t really use it in the summer time, I find it is more beneficial to use it in the winter as I always have dry skin so I don’t want that on my scalp.

I spoke to an employee of Lush to confirm that it wouldn’t influence dyed hair at all. She informed me that it was fine and nothing would happen to anyone’s hair so don’t worry about that. The mask itself is white and not a liquid, it is much thicker than that. Here is a look at the mask:


I am slowly running out but i will definitely be getting this products again! Plus since it is from Lush it is cruelty free and all natural which is a big bonus.

This is the only hair mask I have tried so far because I really like it… Okay I’m obsessed with it! Let me know if there are any others you recommend!



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