Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

First things first, this is NOT a waterproof mascara! If that is an issue then you might want to try a different one. If your eyes water a little it is fine but if you cry, well that is the end of that. It is a mess and there will be black streaks running down your face, attractive right?


I got this mascara as a mini version in a Smashbox Try-it kit from Sephora (which I totally recommend, great way to try a few of their products at a lower price) and I fell in love. I automatically reach for this mascara every time I do my makeup. I liked it so much that I went and bought a full sized one to start using once the mini is done.

I’m still using my mini one and it has been a couple of months, I use more than one coat because I like to build it up a bit but even one coat looks nice. Even though I build it, I have never had any issues with clumping and I’ve never had to separate my lashes either.



Here is a picture of just a couple of layers, to be honest I’m really loving how this picture looks. 


I seriously have so many mascaras to get through but I have yet to stray from my Smashbox one. If I ever finish my mini or it gets too old I will move on and try another I suppose but I will be longing to get to that full sized one!


What is your go to mascara? Let me know if you guys have any amazing waterproof ones that you recommend!



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