The Trap By Melanie Raabe


The Trap by Melanie Raabe, winner of the prestigious Stuttgart Crime Prize for best crime debut of the year.

The idea of this novel is an intriguing one. A reclusive novelist, traumatized by her sister’s murder, sets an extensive trap for the murderer. She does this by writing a novel about the crime with specific details so that the murderer will recognize his part in the story. She wants to prove his guilt, thereby avenging her sister’s death.

Linda and her murdered sister, Anna have their story retold in Linda’s fictional novel “Blood Sisters” whose main characters are Sophie and Britta. In both stories the elder sister finds her murdered sister’s body and is highly traumatized. She considers herself to be a broken woman as she suffers from anxiety disorder and panic attacks who hasn’t left her home in at least a decade. This book is a story within a story and it flips back and forth throughout the chapters.

It is not a hard book to read and though the premise of the novel sounds amazing, the book itself is alright. It wasn’t a bad book but this is not one of the better ones that I have read. I liked that it was an unreliable narrator, so you couldn’t trust anything you read as you didn’t know if it was real. That kept the story interesting for me.

I didn’t like the start of the novel and I’m not sure how I feel about the end. Obviously I won’t spoil that for anyone that wants to read it though. Focusing on the beginning, the chapters are very short, I’m talking like a couple of pages for some of them and it was pretty annoying. It is very slow to start and it takes a while to get into the book. The book itself is pretty short so it is easy to read in a shorter period of time.

Has anyone else read this book yet? Let me know what you thought about it and if you liked how the story ended!



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