ABH Brow Powder Duo Review


Before Brow Powder


After Brow Powder

Now we all know one of the hottest trends in beauty right now is eyebrows, so it only makes sense that we review one of the most well-known eyebrow products. Anastasia Beverly Hills has multiple eyebrow shaping and filling products out there.

After a trip to our local Sephora I spoke to an employee about finding the perfect match for my colour. They are very helpful, so don’t be shy if you ever need any colour matching done or any advice! I settled on the Brow Powder Duo, I used auburn to be slightly darker than my hair colour.

I have to say that I love this product! One of the reasons I chose it was because I needed something that would be reasonably easy to apply and that wouldn’t take me forever to put on. I’ve been using the product almost daily for several months now and I have yet to run out. A major bonus for me as I haven’t had to replace it yet! I also like that since it is in powder form there is no need to worry about it drying out, and it will last much longer because of that.

It has two different colours in it and I do use both of them though I tend to use much more of the darker shade than the lighter one. The two colours are used to help create natural looking highlight and lowlights within your brows. The two colours make it even easier to find the right balance in matching your eyebrows closely to your hair colour.



Let me know if you’ve used this product, or any others before and what you thought about it. 



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